Xitracs Reporting

UGA uses assessment reporting software (Xitracs) as the tool for reporting on learning outcomes assessment (LOA). Xitracs replaced the Academic Planning System, which was used for assessment reporting through 2016.

As outlined in Academic Policy 01.06.003, each academic program must have an assessment plan and collect data on at least one of their outcomes annually. To facilitate this requirement, the Xitracs tool organizes both the plan and report information into one form.

This form includes places for the following:

  • Written Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs),
  • Description of the methods used to assess the extent to which the SLOs are met,
  • A schedule for conducting assessment of the SLOs,
  • Data collected and analyzed annually, and
  • Evidence of improvement based on that data.

To access the Xitracs portal, use your UGA MyID and password at the following link: http://uga.xitracs.net/portal.htm 

The deadline for annual LOA reporting is October 1. 



Below are brief tutorials for key components of the system:

Portal User Manual/Xitracs Overview PDF (PDF) Video
How to Enter  or Edit your Outcomes into the System PDF (PDF) Video
How to Map your Schedule for Assessment PDF (PDF) Video
How to Enter Content into the Report PDF (PDF) Video
How to Copy Information from the Previous Cycle to the Current Cycle PDF (PDF) Video


If you have questions about the Xitracs tool or access issues, please contact Katie Burr at katieburr@uga.edu