External Accreditations

Externally Accredited Academic Programs

As per AA Policy 2.04-4, an externally accredited academic program may substitute the section of the accreditation report pertaining to the assessment of SLOs, as long as the academic unit meets all of the ongoing data collection and analysis and reporting requirements of the policy. Depending on the timing and duration of the external accreditation, the academic program may be required to supplement the accreditation data and report to meet the ongoing reporting requirements of the policy.

Specifically, if external accreditation materials are to be used in the institutional program assessment process, the following materials must be submitted in Xitracs:

  1. A current schedule for assessment (PDF);
  2. An annual letter or notification that certifies data have been collected and analyzed per the defined schedule for assessment (loaded into the Additional Narrative section of the Xitracs report);
  3. The section of the accreditation report pertaining to the assessment of SLOs (loaded into the Additional Narrative section of the Xitracs report).

If the section of the accreditation report includes all required components according to AA Policy 2.04-4 (defined outcomes and measures, data collected and analyze annually, and improvements or changes made based on the analysis), then the above submission is considered sufficient for compliance with UGA's policy. If any of the key components are not included in the accreditation report, than the program must provide it as supplemental materials to the submission. 

If you have questions regarding using your program's accreditation documentation for assessment reporting, please contact Katie Chapman at ktchapman@uga.edu