Requirements for Reporting for All Academic Programs 

For each academic program at UGA, the respective faculty are responsible for continuous assessment to determine the effectiveness of the academic program and to make changes as appropriate. As required by SACSCOC, faculty must identify expected SLOs for each academic program, have a plan and schedule for assessing the outcomes, assess the extent to which it achieves these outcomes, and provide evidence of changes or improvement based on analysis of the results.

As per Academic Policy 01.06.003, all academic programs (undergraduate, graduate, professional, certificates) are required to have the following:

  1. Written Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs);
  2. Schedule for assessing the SLOs;
  3. Description of the methods that will be used to assess the extent to which the SLOs are met;
  4. Data collected on SLOs annually;
  5. Analysis of SLO data and conclusions as to the extent to which SLOs are met; and    
  6. Evidence of Improvements based on analysis of data collect.

At a minimum, data must be collected and analyzed annually on two or more SLOs and data must be collected and analyzed on all SLOs within a timeframe that is defined and justified by the academic unit; however, the timeframe for assessment of all SLOs must not exceed seven years.

UGA’s system for reporting on LOA is Xitracs.  See the Xitracs tab to the left for more information on how to use this tool.

The deadline for annual LOA reporting is October 1.